Booking Partners

Our Booking Partners

Recently hotel networks like Expedia and have opened their doors to the vacation home community (a.k.a homestay). In the past, when you wanted to stay in a home for vacation you had to search on homeshare websites. This meant staying in a vacation home with a host similar to a Bed & Breakfast. Today you can book a vacation home on websites like Orbitz, Trivago, and Hotwire.

Beysicair is a vacation home company with multiple locations. We work with our booking partners to advertise the Beysicair brand and provide professional vacation homes and services in the homestay community. Below is a list of some of our booking partners.

Our Partners & Customer Payments

Most customers who visit third-party booking websites like,, and make believe they are paying the booking when submitting their payment. This IS NOT the case. When paying through third-party booking websites, it is important to know that you are simply inputting your credit details to be transferred to the hotel or vacation home company to process the payment. So you are not actually paying when you input your credit card details. 

Prices listed on partner websites may vary.