Beysicair Services

Most vacation homestay companies only offer a platform for travelers and hosts to meet. They don’t offer places of their own or services that extend beyond the platform. This means that if there is a problem, the only option available is too call customer service.

Beysicair bridges this gap of security by offering vacation home services to guests in the Beysicair in the vacation home travel community. Imagine if you were staying in a vacation homestay with a traditional host and you lost your keys; although the host was at times unavailable, someone was always available to fix the problem from the company where you booked the accommodation. 

When you are staying with Beysicair you are in a Beysicair home. At Beysicair we consider our extended services as "Co-Host" services we provide them through our Beysicair Co-Host. A Co-Host is an extension of the Host (Beysicair). Your Beysicair Co-Host can do things like arrive to replace keys if they are lost, prepare breakfast, and can also be a tour guide for your trip. 


The Beysicair Team